Wednesday, March 12, 2008

19th Century America-Divergent Paths

Hello 8th graders!

In History class, you've arrived in America's 19th century to learn about the many challenges to this growing nation. America is on the move, people are diverging in many different directions that will both test and build the country. You are here to learn about some of these challenges. Topic areas for your library research include: Railroads, Women's Rights, 19th Century American Art & Literature, and the System of Slavery. These large subject areas can be broken down into more manageable topics that your teacher might let you explore, such as learning about the lives and influence of specific people.

For 3rd trimester, it is important to transition to the research to skills needed for high school. Using The Research Process Cub Research Web page and/or "Independent Study Guide", you need to use your library time wisely to solidify your topic; use The World Book Encyclopedia to help select a minimum of three subtopics; find at least three kinds of sources of information including an encyclopedia, a nonfiction book, and the Web links provided on this blogsite. The more you read, the more you will learn. You will be shown how to set up notebook paper for good notetaking, including a system for sorting and numbering your finished notes.

Following this simple system for research helps you avoid plagiarism. In particular, be sure to give credit for every source you use by writing citations in a style such as MLA. The second way to avoid plagiarism is by taking good notes. This means locate facts and do NOT copy sentences (without using quotes and endnotes or footnotes, something you are not using for this project).


Women's Rights:

The Slavery System definition

19th Century Art

19th Century Literature